A Plum by Any Other Name: Dried Plums and Your Bones

Dried plums as a bone-strength enhancer? Come on, you’ve got to be kidding! For one thing, dried plums are still called dried prunes by a lot of people. And for another thing, the only reaction prunes/plums consistently have on people is the  number of times they go the bathroom. Not pretty by any stretch of […]

Powerful Arms (and Legs) Through Power Walking

This article has a lot to do with the late, great body builder and actor Steve Reeves. You may be wondering what the joy of power walking has to do with Steve Reeves. Many of us remember Steve Reeves portraying the titular character Hercules in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in a dozen or so […]

Breathe Deeply: Expanding Your Wellness Through Tourism

The cost of Medical care in the United States keeps going up despite any regulation to prevent the opposite from occurring. As a result, the search for the elixir of youth (or just the search for cheaper healthcare) is taking patients to foreign lands and across foreign borders. Medical tourism is impacting lives and the […]

How to Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus

When you’ve worked hard to improve your diet and fit more exercise into your day, it’s frustrating to hit a weight-loss plateau. Without the reward of a declining number on the scale, it’s easy to be discouraged and give up on your health plan altogether. But with the aid of a few simple changes, you […]

Unlocking the Healthy Power of Celery

When it comes to health and wellness, we need to be cognizant of everything that we do when making decisions. This is especially the case for our diet. Getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables in our diet should be the first step. We hear so much about how important fruits and vegetables are, […]