Type 1 Diabetes: To Eat or Not to Eat

Living with type1 diabetes (T1D) doesn’t have to feel like lugging around a ball and chain. T1D can be tamed but, like any physical challenge, you need to play by the rules. First on the list is understanding that nutrition is one of the most important pieces of the diabetes puzzle. If you are living with […]

Baby Steps: The Art of Goal Setting

It’s been said that “success in life is a series of steps.” I never understood that when I was younger but with the passage of time I can see that this phrase is an allegory of sorts: That those “steps” are in fact goals or objectives. Some might even say they are needs. And true […]

Breathe Deeply: Meditation for Beginners

Clear your mind and relax your body! More and more, the benefits of meditation are recognized as having a long-term positive effect on our overall well-being both mentally and physically. But experts in the field agree that there is a proper way to meditate in order to feel better! It’s not just a matter of lighting some […]

Kegel Exercises: Not Just for Women

As a guy you may or may not have heard what Kegel exercises are. For years the benefits of Kegel exercises have been touted for women. Kegels strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are the muscles that support the bladder, vagina, uterus, and rectum. Kegel exercises are recommended to women who are pregnant or for those who are […]

The Real Deal on Headache Relief

Ever notice how we’re programmed to take medication to cure what ails us? Sore back? Pop this. Stomach cramps? Take two of that. How the heck our bodies can absorb all the meds we get bombarded with on television and in print has to be one of the true miracles of medical science! That said, […]

Zumba Dancing is Fun and Effective

Legend has it that back in the mid-1990s an aerobics instructor in Brazil was running late to one of his classes and, having forgot his music, improvised with whatever latin music cassettes he happened to have in his car. Word traveled fast that this new form of aerobics (quickly named “Rumbacize”) was all the rage. […]

Eat Soup, Lose Weight?

How many times while growing up did our parents or grandparents remind us that “Soup is good for  you!” The passage of time has hidden the origins of that conventional wisdom but the truth remains: Soup indeed can cure a lot what beats us down. But can you eat soup and lose weight? Now that’s […]

You Are What You Eat: What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Are you metabolic? Metabolic refers to the biochemical process involved in the human body’s normal everyday  functioning. That might sound pretty impressive, but far from being cool, individuals suffering from metabolic syndrome are subject to habits, conditions and traits that increase an individual’s chance of developing heart disease and other health problems including diabetes and […]

Great Looking Pins: The Best Calf-Building Routine EVER

Ah, yes — the calf muscle. Just a little definition makes the typical lower leg look like something more than just two matchsticks. But working out your calves need not be drudgery. Granted, you won’t necessarily see the immediate pump that you get when performing the bench press for your pectorals or curls for your […]