On Fire: How to Prevent Burnout

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I’m not sure if our parents or our parent’s parents understood what “burnout” was. They were probably too busy trying to earn a living and raise a family and you know, back in the day, you just didn’t complain about things. It was expected that we worked long hours and beat ourselves silly both mentally and physically because it was the thing to do. Or because our forefathers did the same thing. Of course in modern times everyone gets burned out. We throw the term around effortlessly. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the fifth grade or the CEO of a huge corporation. We all get burned out.


WebMD.com tells us that burnout is a result of prolonged stress which is a result of too much of whatever it is you’re doing. Too much work, too many hours and not enough results. Often burnout can result from a clash of expectations. If you see yourself or your business or your relationship one way and your clients, customer or partner see it quite differently, it’s a sure invitation for conflict and pain. 

Although it’s often easier said than done, it’s important to define who you are and what you want and communicate this definition to everyone who’s important to you. Make sure others know what you are as well as who you are. 

Benefits of Time Alone

Time spent alone, “away from customers, office staff, colleagues, and even family members can be psychologically healthy and nourishing,” explains WebMD.com. Treat yourself to short breaks in order to catch your breath emotionally and put your life and its meaning into perspective. Meditate. Go to church. Or just plain do the things you enjoy doing. 

Relationships Count

GeneralHealthTopics.com, in an article on being burned out, recommends that you “Make sure your primary relationships (spouse or significant other, children, parents, and friends) are getting adequate time and attention.” Quite apart from diminishing you, having satisfying primary relationships will strengthen you and bring greater balance to your life which, coincidently, can carry over into other areas of your professional and personal life. 

Seek and Ye Shall Find

If you have problems with your car, you’re not going to see a plumber. Same goes for you. If you think you may have a problem, seek the right doctor for the type of problem you’re having. Speaking of which, it’s important to step back, re-evaluate and take time out for yourself. Many times stress manifests itself in the form of neck or back pain. The professional staff at The Joint in the Friendly Center location can provide a safe, noninvasive, drug-free treatment approach for anyone seeking to get their health and their lower and upper back in order. Talk to your chiropractor for more information.

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