Nothing to Sneeze About: Only YOU Can Prevent Allergies


Depending on where you live, the spring season is coming into bloom (unless of course you are in Upstate New York where I’m pretty sure Spring has been outvoted in lieu of snow, but that’s another story). Regardless, the change of seasons also brings with it a wave of allergies. And allergies as we know, is the immune system’s response to pollen or other airborne elements that are called allergens. They can include certain foods or pollen. Even our pets have been known to trigger an allergy. Fortunately, allergies are common and don’t have life-threatening consequences for most people.

Your immune system works to keep you healthy by fighting infection and other harmful bacteria. The immune system accomplishes this by attacking anything it senses could put your body in danger. Depending on the allergen, this attack response may involve inflammation, sneezing, and a host of other symptoms.

Just Thank Mother Nature

Seasonal allergies which we generally refer to as hay fever, may be the most common type of allergy. Caused by pollen, hay fever runs rampant when plants and flower begin to bloom. The resultant pollen can cause itchy eyes, watery eyes, a runny nose and even a cough.

According to, “Allergies occur when a normally harmless foreign substance enters the body and your immune system has a response to the invader.” Researchers aren’t exactly sure why the immune system reacts this way. But we sure do blow through some tissues trying to keep our nasal cavity clear.

Your immune system normally becomes acclimated to the local weather conditions and environment. Allergies are common, comments, and says there are several ways to treat them in order to avoid annoying and troublesome symptoms: “The best treatment for allergies is avoiding whatever triggers the reaction. If that’s not possible, there are treatment options available.”

How to Prevent Allergies

You can keep your local pharmacy in business from now until next winter but the truth is, there is no way to prevent allergies. But there are ways to prevent the symptoms from occurring. The best way to prevent allergy symptoms is to avoid the allergens that trigger them.

Preventing seasonal allergies, contact allergies, and other allergies is a matter of common sense: Steer clear of the allergens that trigger an allergy is the best bet. For example if you’re allergic to dust, use a dehumidifier to circulate the air or install proper air filters in your home. Likewise get the air ducts in your home professionally cleaned, and regularly dust your home.

Most allergies are manageable with avoidance, prescribed medication, and lifestyle changes. Don’t let the change of season have you running back indoors!

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