Good Advice on How to Stop Work-Related Back Pain

Sitting Correctly

Statistics show that nearly 22 million Americans book a visit to see a chiropractor in their search for alternative treatment for lower back pain. Good on them because chiropractic treatment can do you a world of good. That said, about a third of this number suffers from lower back pain that is caused by muscle strain, injury or an accident. The remaining two-thirds seek relief from pain and ache in arms, legs and neck.

The leading reason nearly 4 out of 5 individuals end up with serious back issues? Poor posture! Specifically, hunching over a computer! Who would have thought that a few simple changes in the way you work can diminish the amount of lower back discomfort. An adjustable chair helps maintain your posture and supports your lower back. A simple pillow for additional back support while sitting can do wonders as well.

An Industry of Pain

Studies show that lower back pain is the second-biggest reason why Americans make appointments with their doctor or chiropractor, exceeded only by the common cold! Backaches in general generate nearly $90 billion in annual healthcare expenses. Hey, it pays to be in pain. But why not save that money for something worthwhile like taking the kids to the zoo!

According to an article on, “Nearly 80% of people will deal with work-related lower back pain.” For every 100 individuals, 10 to 12 will suffer from some kind of back pain. Consider the impact of that in a work environment!

Office Logic

Many physical therapists feel the biggest mistake office workers make is continuing to sit in their desk chairs for hours on end. Prolonged sitting puts pressure on your back. Specifically, on the discs and joints in your back. 

The solution? When sitting, your focus needs to be linear: Keep your back, head and neck straight and above your shoulders. Move the computer keyboard/monitor closer to you so you are not leaning forward; the monitor should be directly in front of you so you don’t have to tilt your head up or down to view it. Keep the mouse next to the keyboard for easy access. In addition to that, try taking breaks every hour to get up and stretch and, if possible, take a brief walk. Even a walk to the restroom is better than nothing.

Help your chiropractor help you help yourself by being aware of what ails you and what needs to be corrected to eliminate lower back pain from your office routine.

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