Do Shoe Inserts Help Your Back?

Shoe Inserts

I’ve never quite understood the logic behind shoe inserts. A lot of famous people in Hollywood use shoe inserts. There’s a pretty famous actor who apparently needs them to see eye-to-eye with his leading ladies, but those are shoe lifts which are not really the same as shoe inserts.

Shoe inserts (also known as foot orthotics) are sometimes used to treat lower back pain in people who have some type of issues with their feet: Either foot dysfunction or imbalance. Foot or ankle problems can cause lower back misalignment which, over time, can lead to lower back pain. So shoe inserts have been known to help.

Standing Tall

Let’s establish that any type of foot problem can negatively impact the way a person walks or stands, which can place strain on the lower back, which affects the posture. Have you ever had an ingrown toenail or a splinter, both seemingly insignificant things, that forced you to shift your weight from one foot to the other? Or you turn your foot outward or inward to get off the pain and that discomfort travels up your leg to your hips and back?

In general, says the Arthritis Foundation, “If a shoe insole can help the patient achieve a healthy posture and gait, this correction can allow the soft tissues in the lower back to heal, reducing pain.” Any problem with the foot or ankle that compromises posture or gait can lead to lower back pain, as well as pain in other weight-bearing joints like the hips, knees and ankles.

All About Options

Even with the help of a caring and skilled chiropractor, there is only so much you can do with nonsurgical intervention to combat lower back pain. Shoe inserts then offer a reasonable choice because they are both low-cost and have few negative side effects.


The Arthritis Foundation says foot orthotics are easy to use, just place in the shoes and go about your normal business. The orthotics’ design helps correct the wearers’ gait in a way that can alleviate back pain.

Like your chiropractor, shoe inserts help provide pain relief for a substantial number of low back pain patients. The professional staff at the Friendly Center can provide a safe, noninvasive, drug-free treatment approach for anyone seeking to reduce reliance on pain medications. Foot orthotics may be used alone or in conjunction with other non-surgical treatments for lower back pain. Talk to your chiropractor for more information.

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