(Chiropractic) Rehab after Knee Surgery

When we’re young and don’t know any better we proudly wear our aches and pains on our sleeve like some silly badge of honor. Little do we know what we’re dealing with when we really get hurt! So it is with knee surgery. There is nothing courageous or manly about tearing up your knees. Knee […]

Good Advice on How to Stop Work-Related Back Pain

Statistics show that nearly 22 million Americans book a visit to see a chiropractor in their search for alternative treatment for lower back pain. Good on them because chiropractic treatment can do you a world of good. That said, about a third of this number suffers from lower back pain that is caused by muscle strain, […]

May: Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

Loss of bone density. You can run from it but you can’t hide. Osteoporosis (the loss of bone density) is an inescapable fact of growing older. For many of us the Big O equates to just aches and pains. For many more adults the effect of osteoporosis means broken bones and fractures and the loss […]

You, Your Core and Chiropractic Treatment

I’m a big proponent of “core strength.” If you don’t know what that is then stick around for awhile. Your core is a combination of your abs, upper and lower back muscles and even your quads and hamstrings. The strength or lack of same impacts pretty much everything you do every day like walking, running, […]

On Fire: How to Prevent Burnout

I’m not sure if our parents or our parent’s parents understood what “burnout” was. They were probably too busy trying to earn a living and raise a family and you know, back in the day, you just didn’t complain about things. It was expected that we worked long hours and beat ourselves silly both mentally […]

Do Shoe Inserts Help Your Back?

I’ve never quite understood the logic behind shoe inserts. A lot of famous people in Hollywood use shoe inserts. There’s a pretty famous actor who apparently needs them to see eye-to-eye with his leading ladies, but those are shoe lifts which are not really the same as shoe inserts. Shoe inserts (also known as foot […]

Living with Chronic Pain: Your Chiropractor Can Help

You’re dealing with some serious physical pain. Here’s an example: A few years ago I was diagnosed with sacroiliitis. That’s pain in the pelvis. Sacroiliitis is so painful you can’t believe it. It hurts to lay down, hurts to roll over in bed. Forget about going to the gym, it hurts to even think about going to […]