On Fire: How to Prevent Burnout

I’m not sure if our parents or our parent’s parents understood what “burnout” was. They were probably too busy trying to earn a living and raise a family and you know, back in the day, you just didn’t complain about things. It was expected that we worked long hours and beat ourselves silly both mentally […]

Do Shoe Inserts Help Your Back?

I’ve never quite understood the logic behind shoe inserts. A lot of famous people in Hollywood use shoe inserts. There’s a pretty famous actor who apparently needs them to see eye-to-eye with his leading ladies, but those are shoe lifts which are not really the same as shoe inserts. Shoe inserts (also known as foot […]

2 + 2: Boosting your Brain Power

I’ve heard over and over (and you may have also) that as we age our brains work less and less. It’s more a matter of us being set in our ways and not really doing anything that challenges or stimulates us mentally (and getting out of bed in the morning does not count). The key term […]